Monday, February 28, 2005

The Hometown Buffet and Rent (Recap of the Weekend)

For the remainder of this post, the word buffet is going to be pronounced like buff-ett, because it just makes the word funnier.

So I went home this past weekend because my mother decided we were going to go see Rent on tour down in Hartford. Yay for Rent! I've already seen it on Broadway, but I was with my friends and my parents and brother wanted to see Rent so we did.

We plan on going to the Olive Garden and I think to myself, we should leave early otherwise there will be a long wait. Stupid me for not saying this to anybody. We leave the house at around 4, making the time we get to the resturant 5:30. There's an hour wait. Joy oh Joy. We can see a line coming out of every resturant in the area except for one. *cue the dunh dunh dunh* The Hometown Buffet. *DUNNNHHHH*

We pull up in front of the Hometown Buffet (remember the new "buff-ett" way of pronouncing it) and decide, "Well, it's not the Olive Garden. And it's fast. And it will fill the void in our stomachs." Walking into the resturant and I felt extremely out of place as we were dressed for the Olive Garden and a show, not a country bumpkin buffet. Plus, none of us had on a sweatpants, a shirt with a kitten or Tweety Bird on it, greasy hair, or a mullet for that matter, so we all felt we stood out. Walking up to the "cash" (which apparently is Hometown Buffet lingo for "cash register"- I know they call it this because the hostess called "KATHY TO THE CASH. PARTY OF 5!" while we were waiting in line.) Anyways, I get to the cash and throw up a little in my mouth. As my brother so gently put it, you know you're in for a good, classy dinner when you're hostess has a mullet.

So we decided to call her Mullet Sue. Kathy finally shows up to the "cash" to seat the party of 5 waiting in line to be seated. Because, you know, at the Hometown Buffet, anybody with a party over 4 has to be seated special by Kathy. Kathy is a half-man, half-woman deal who looks like she crawled out of a bucket of grease and then into a hail storm of makeup as there were layers of it on her face. Look, honey, the makeup might cover the blemishes, but it doesn't cover the ugly. Sorry.

Mullet Sue let us go seat ourselves, as we were only a party of 4. We find a table far away in the back. Next to a family with three boys who couldn't be over the age of 13 and ole' Granny and Grampy chowing down on their grub with the false teeth. Cautiously, one by one, we all get up to attempt to find food we can eat. I run to the macaroni and cheese, because I had known from past experiences at the Old Country Buffet (Hometown's sister Buffet) that the mac n cheese was something I knew was good. Next to it was some "Home-Style Baked Beans" which, without truly thinking about what I was putting on my plate, took a large helping of. I also grabbed some "Jo-Jo Potatoes" ( Jo-Jo is) and put those next to my beans. I don't know what I was thinking- I guess this is some sort of "novelty hick meal" or something- I was eatin' like a hillbilly.

I took my seat at the table and began to eat my food. I first ate the potatoes- which weren't half bad. OK. Let's try some of these baked beans....





I can't find the words to describe how these tasted...




Shit pretty much covers it. No, no. Soapy shit is probably the best words to describe these baked beans. Yes soapy shit covers it all.

My brother had discovered some "Chinese Chicken" (it's what it was labeled as folk- Chinese Chicken) which I tried and wasn't half bad. So I discarded the rest of my soapy shit and mac n cheese and went to go get me a plate o' Chinese Chicken. After eating this, I decided- oh yeah- I can go get some salad too! You can't go wrong with salad.

But at the Hometown Buffet, they know how to screw up a salad. First of all, I don't know what kind of spit rinse these vegetables go through, or if the guy with the cross eyes who was making sure all the salad was in it's place at the salad bar, who we nick-named Petey, peed on the salad first or what-not- but it tasted pretty disgusting.

I was at the table and I just started laughing. We had gone from upscale Olive Garden, to probably one of the dirtiest and scummiest resturants I've ever been in. The people in there were gross, the staff was gross, the food was gross, the whole place was gross.

So from the lowest of lows, we went to the high, stuffy world of thea-ay-ter. OMG though, can I tell you- Rent was as amazing as it was the first time I saw it. Brief recap of that:

First of all, we had the $16 dollar seats, so we were in the back of the balcony, and my knees were up against my chest. And I sat next to some large guy who has no idea what was going on throughout the show and became a radiator and I was sweating bullets by the time the first act was over with. It was so damn hot.

The show itself, amazing as always. Chill count: I got those hair on end, tingling chills 6 times throughout the show and teared up mucho bad at the "I'll Cover You (Reprise)." That bastard gets me everytime.

I spent $18 on a freakin' key chain and coffee mug. Hey- I never got anything from this show on Broadway, so I have a souvenir now. I spelled that wrong. Oh well.

And in three weeks I'm going down to NYC to see Beauty and Beast- hurrah! That should be wicked fun.

But that's a recap of my weekend. And to end this incredibly long entry, I bid you adieu.

Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm a hateful person

I am. I know one of my goals was to try and not hate so many things, but if there is one resolution that has come back to bite me in the ass it would be that.

There are so many things, especially recently, that just aggravate me and piss me off and just generally put me in a bad mood. I can't list them all, but certain people just have certain qualities about them that irritate me and I've been spending a lot of time with these people and it's not like I'm being fake with them, because I don't consider these people my friends, but they really REALLY irritate me with their stupid ways. Grr...

Anyways, I'm heading home again. I'm going to go see RENT tommorow with the family- huzzah! I'm wicked excited for that. And hopefully next week will be better than this one.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Exhausted after a long weekend...

When people ask me "How was New Hampshire?" I give them the same general: "It was nice and relaxing" response. Which it of course was, but I just glide over the details and deliver the goods. Because does anybody really want to know everything that happened to me this weekend? I don't think so.

Highlights: Saw Million Dollar Baby, which was an amazing movie and the movie I will be rooting for come Oscar night this Sunday. It was definetly a downer, but frankly, it was amazing and has jumped quickly into my list of favorite movies ever at the number 12 spot. Only time will tell if it will go up or down. ;-)

Also something popped a hole in the air mattress I was sleeping in so somewhere between when I fell asleep Sunday night and when I woke up Monday morning the air mattress had decided to let all of it's contents out so I was sleeping on the hard floor. Way to make my vacation end on a positive note, freakin' air mattress!

And what is wrong with me? I've been acting like a 24 hour drunk this weekend and all day today, slicing up my hand, walking into radiators, stumbling up the stairs. It seems like I left all my coordination skills in last week or something.

Oh- and I'm going to see Rent again this weekend with my family (minus the littlest bro) which is uber exciting. It will be the first musical I've seen twice, and I'm happy that Rent is the one to recieve that privledge. I think I spelled that wrong. Oh well. I am tired and nuts, so i'm calling it an early night, because that is what everyone else calls it. 'night!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Billy Joel

There are certain things about my childhood that really stand out to m and I can vividly remember. I feel lucky to be young enough to still remember these things, and I hope I never forget them.

Believe it or not, one of my favorite things to do when I was a wee tot would be to dance around to Billy Joel. I remember my parents putting on his "We Didn't Start the Fire" and me singing the part about Peter Pan and Disneyland because I thought those two things were cool. Still do. And I remember dancing to "River of Dreams" and counting out loud with my mom with the seconds in between the verse and chorus. And she and my dad would tell me about when they saw him in concert, which they still swear to this day was their favorite concert they've ever been to.

Tonight, I downloaded 43 of his songs and I've been listening to them and having all these really good memories float back to me, which makes me really happy. I don't know...Billy Joel just really made an impact on my childhood. To have certain songs of his bring back certain memories and for me to still remember the words all these years later makes me feel really good.

Tommorow I'll be heading to New Hampshire with the family (including puppy!) so there won't be any updates this weekend. Have a good weekend, all!

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Other Mes

And Mes is pronounced Meese no Mess. It's my plural form version of me.

::takes a step back::

Ignore that entire first line of text. I don't think it makes sense. I'm just really tired, k?

Anyways, to get to the meat (hehe, meat) of the post, I decided that, for fun, I would do a Google Image search of my name. ::in a Law and Order voice:: These are the results. ::end Law and Order voice::

First I Googled my full name, which for you dumbasses would be Patrick Harris.

Of course, I got the most matches for Neil Patrick Harris a.k.a. Doogie Howser. Though my name is only his middle and last, I still am posting pictures of him in here, because it's a celebrity who basically is four letters off from having my name.

I have found this one of him in Cabaret on Broadway.

This is me with my sister/cousin Lynn Harris. She's on the left. And that's me in a speedo in the middle. And my good friend Elizabeth Letourneau (who may very well be related to Mary-Kate for all I know.)

This is me, the U.S. Hockey Player.

Ooo! Here's me in my office at work, happy as a kid in a candy store.

I also googled Pat Harris, and instead of the results being mostly populated with pictures of Neil Patrick Harris, they were mostly populated by pictures of old ladies who go by the nickname "Pat."

This is my sexy face.

I wonder what is inside this can?

I always knew there was a big black woman somewhere inside of me.

I went through a lot of work...

Nevermind. I'm too damn tired and incomprehensible to update.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Joy of Pop Rocks

I tend to let my garbage overflow. It takes a lot for me to empty it. See I have a really small garbage container and I, as a person, tend to produce a lot of garbage. Between my two water bottles a day, usually a Jello container, bowls for my cereal, and of course, the never ending supply of dirty Kleenex that comes from my never ending cold. (Which reminds me- if at any time you're in need of some dirty Kleenex, come find me. I have tons.)

Anyways, I finally finished off my box of Rice Krispies that I've had since before winter break this morning for breakfast. You may think this would be gross, but wise up people, it's freakin' cereal. It takes a long time for it to go bad. Anyways, so I had an empty box of Rice Krispies lying next to my overflowing garbage can. It was at this point I finally decided I needed to empty my garbage and all the garbage on the floor around my garbage. So I did. And upon taking out the bag from the Rice Krispies cereal box I discovered POP ROCKS! Oh joy of joys! POP ROCKS! I haven't seen this in ages. Quickly I tore up the box and disposed of it down the trash chute. Into my room I ran, excited as all hell, because in my hand I had a package of POP ROCKS! I quickly opened the package, my hands shaking with excitement. Joy! I love POP ROCKS! (And I love "joy" as well.)

As I opened the package, two more bags of POP ROCKS! fell out. Let me tell you, I nearly shit my pants. OK, I did. Just a little bit. But don't tell anybody. After running to the toliet to wipe my ass, I ran back to the room and devoured one bag of POP ROCKS! immediately. Joy! (Again, more joy. I'm a joyful person!) The POP ROCKS! exploded all over my mouth. They found their way into every crevice and nook of my mouth. Under my tongue, between my teeth, all over my gums. Exploding and sending shockwaves of joy and happiness throughout my body. I smiled and opened my mouth to hear what the sound of the POP ROCKS! popping in medley of popping noises.

I couldn't help but laugh. It really made me quite happy. I'm still beaming with the thought of all those POP ROCKS! popping and tickling my tongue. I saved my other two packages for a time down the road when I am feeling depressed. And when that time comes, I know I can count on my POP ROCKS! to make me happy again.

As the Valentine's Day buzz wears off...

I think this was probably the first year where I wasn't depressed on Valentine's Day. In the past I have always trudged through the day, dismissing all the love around me as if it didn't exist. I would always be consumed with depression because I never had anybody special to share the day with and it made me sad and wished I had a certain someone.

But not this year. This year, I embraced the holiday, not as far as wearing anything red/pink or heart related, but I gave Valentines to my friends, which made me feel uber special and I think it made some of them feel good too, which is what I was aiming for. And I even wished some people a Happy Valentine's Day, because I figure, no matter how much I protested it in the past, the holiday will always be here and I might as well run with it and have a little bit of fun and excitement.

I didn't even get depressed this year because a) I'm too busy with things to think about it and b) I've accepted that there will be a time when I find that certain someone special and it doesn't bother me that it is not right now or here at school. And when that person comes along, I will have a romantic Valentine's Day, but for now I will spend it with my friends and share my love for them.

I'm such an optimist. :-D

Sunday, February 13, 2005

An Extremely Long Saturday followed by a Long Sunday

After rehearsal on Friday night, I left to go home during which I went to bed at around 10:30, because I had to get up at a time I hadn't gotten up at in quite some time: 7:00AM. This was because I was on my way to Boston for a DARTS camp reunion. As I boarded the bus at 8:30 I realize I was the only one on there that I knew, and it was at that point I thought to myself "We're in for a long ride." Actually, I was wrong as we got to Boston in 2 amazingly fast hours. How it was done in 2 hours is beyond me, but I'm not complaining. So we get there an hour early, forcing me to be alone in the city of Boston for an hour. I walked around for a wee bit until they opened the doors to Boston Symphony Hall at which time I made my way up to the nosebleed section in the 2nd balcony (read: 3rd level) and sat there by myself for 45 minutes waiting for other people to arrive. When they did we watched a puppet show featuring an extremely large (and imagine to the small kids in the audience, a fairly terrifying) Don Quixote puppet kind of thing. So after the show I met with other fellow CITs, some DARTie Kids, most of whom I remembered their names. It was over all too briefly, as only an hour later, I was back on the bus heading home. After getting home, I had a home cooked meal (I do tend to miss those here at school) and then I was shipped back to school for a night of fun.

I always enjoy having fun without drinking. It's better I think, because you're going to remember everything the next day and think back to it all fondly. But Carri and I headed out to Delictable Dana and Miss Hug's radio show (you guys should totally call it that!) and after some three hours there headed to Hoosac where we spent the next two hours chatting it up with some Hoosac folk being all Hoosac-y. But I had a pounding headache so I had to leave otherwise I would've died there, and I would've rather died in my own room rather than a foreign Hoosac center lounge.

Cut to me coming back to my room and passing out on my bed, headache still raging. I wake up around 11 this morning feeling sick. Oh great. Great time to get sick Pat, you always know the best times to let your immune system fail! I go to brunch, and soon after I'm heading to a day of dance. After dance, my stomach was rolling and I got really sick for no apparently reason other than my stomach is an asshole to me. I knew I needed the night off because I would've gotten sicker if I had actually gone. So I told Troy I was sick and took a short nap and woke up in time for some Desperate Housewives, got to love that show!

And now, after a long weekend, I'm going to sleep. So goodnight!

Friday, February 11, 2005


My life has become a fucking soap opera and I hate it.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Talking in my sleep

For years now I have been talking in my sleep. It was something I was nervous coming to school about because I'd have a roomate to listen to what I was saying and all, and God knows what and why I say what I do when I sleep.

So last night I didn't sleep too well. I would wake up about every half hour and check the clock, just to see it was like a half hour later. But at about 10:10 I woke up to look at clock (which was set to go off at 10:30) and said to my little half-awake self, "Should I just get up now?" And I chose not to, so I just rolled over and fell back asleep. In the next 20 minutes, the only dream I remember from last night, I had one of those- you're awake, but not really awake dreams and those are usually the dreams I talk in my sleep during. So in that dream, my father decided to come out of the closet (WHAT?) and my mom decided to throw a Release Party for her new CD of jazz standards on Friday night. But then Tim (who was rooming in a single in my hallway) decided he was also throwing a party for his new CD on Friday too. And I had to turn Tim down because, well my Mother is my Mother, and she's important. This all took place in my dorm room, like all these people were in here. Then, I walk out into the hall and Jeremy had strung streamers all over the place for no reason but to annoy people, and I tore them all down in a moment of anger. Then my alarm went off.

I wonder what I said during all of this because when I woke up I had the feeling I was having quite a conversaton with the wall.

(Edit: 12:27 PM)

I also forgot about Katie Johnson who was also in my dream and we had a long discussion over the musical Pippin and whether it was a good show or not. It was a weird dream.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Superbowl and Other Musings Of Childhood (A Random Thought Process)

The Superbowl. Ah, it means so much to so many. To me, well, it's simple trivial knowledge. I watched the halftime show, some commercials, and I'll watch the end so I can discuss a few things with other people tommorow and so I can record the results of what happened in a file and put it away in a back corner of my brain for future use on the episode of Jeopardy! I will be appearing on in the years to come.

So what did I do while the Superbowl was on? Well besides watching part of the "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy" marathon on Bravo, I watched "Dumbo," a movie I have not seen in years on The Disney Channel.

Watching Dumbo brought up the memory of "Dumbo's Circus," a show on the old school Disney Channel that I used to watch when they'd have those two free preview weeks of the Disney Channel. This was pre-Lizze McGuire and Raven Disney Channel. We're talking about "Under the Umbrella Tree," "Welcome to Pooh's Corner," "Care Bears," "Gummi Bears," "The Torkelsons" Disney Channel. Anybody remember those? So anyways, I did a search on "Dumbo's Circus" and come across a website featuring old 80s memorbilla and things I used to watch and play with when I was a youngster, including the board game "Crackers in My Bed" which I had totally forgot about until I saw it on this site.

And remember these things?

Yeah...neither did I...until now! Not that I owned those but I had a friend who did and I recall them smelling very very good...But there are also these Ninja Turtle numchucks which I also owned and they made cool sounds when you whipped them together. Yes, I also had that mask and would wear it often.

Also "Dumbo's Circus" has an ape character named QT who reminded me of Harry, you know, Harry of "Harry and the Henderson" fame. Anyone watch that show?


(See the resemblance?)

Oh, nostalgia is so much fun!

TV Shows on DVD

I must say, whoever the genius is who decided to put TV shows on DVD is...ummm...a genius. I own approx. 3 different TV shows: Alias (the first three seasons- loves it!), Roswell (the first two seasons- loves it a wee bit less than Alias!), and my recently accquired Arrested Development (season one only, but season 2 is still on the air.) And because I am a pathetic loser with no apparent life outside of my dorm room, these shows have become my three new best friends. For the past two nights, which happen to be the first two nights I've had off from any sort of rehearsal in a week, instead of going out or hanging out with friends, I have watched Arrested Development and quietly laughed my little (OK, maybe not little) ass off quietly as so I don't wake my roomate with racous (spelling?) laughter.

Boy oh boy, the joys of TV on DVD do not end there. Not only does it keep me company on lonely night but there is also the AMAZING ::in a loud, booming voice:: "PLAY ALL" feature which lets me not even have to touch the remote as it swiftly glides through the 7 episodes on the first disc, and 8 episodes on the second disc (even though I'm only on the third episode of eight on the second disc and still have the entire third disc to go.)

Oh boy, TV on DVD, you are my best friend. I cannot wait to purchase all the different varities of you. Still on my shopping list: American Dreams (Season One), The Golden Girls (Season One), Freaks and Geeks (The Entire Series), and the next one on my list, Wonderfalls (The Entire Series- an amazing show that I was apparently the only viewer of last year- the whole thing is now out on DVD to be preserved forever!)

...After writing this entry I have only now realized how entirely pathetic my life has become.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Volume control and Other Potpourri

So I just came back upstairs from an extremely noisy second floor. Keep in mind, it's 1:00 and there are LOUD drunk people on the floor, music playing, people talking loudly, people bitching at each other, people complaining about bitching, people dancing- it's just loud and I tend to not like loud situations. Thus the reason I am up here typing away on my nifty little computer.

So tonight was absolutley crazy. Besides all the loudness. Lots of drama going on (per usual). Lots of nice things happening. Lots of confusing things happening. And it was probably one of the longest days EVER. My feet hurt from walking so much with such a goddamn heavy backpack because I have 4 straight hours of classes and need to bring like ten books and it kills my back.

And tonight I went to my first play rehearsal which went well. Still haven't blocked my first entrance but everything will come in due time. I'm not going to worry about this show as I did with the Cabaret. I'm gonan sit back and have fun and not stress about anything. Although I often feel out of the group at rehearsals. Like there is a bunch of people who know each other and sit and talk in a group and I am always on the outside of everything. Which is OK, because I don't really know this people. It just sucks to be excluded at times, but it's something I'll get over

I also went to my first Dance Co. rehearsal last night for my pal Sarah's dance number. I'm uber loving the dance already and we only have the first 40 seconds of the song. I play the Devil and I get to corrput Tim which is going to be fun. I'm enjoying that rehearsal and can't wait for more!

Alas, tommorow is to be another hectic- VERY LOOONNNNGGGG day. I have class at 12 and 2 followed by 4 hours of uninterrupted dance rehearsal. I am going to be so sore tommorow night, but I am planning on ordering Chinese food from "We Happy" and that will make the entire past crazy week worth it.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My eyes need closure...

Can I say that? My eyes need closure? I'm basically trying to say I need sleep.'s been a long time since I've updated. Honestly, I really have nothing to update about. Life has been hetic lately, but nothing new and eventful. I am going to be in three dances for Dance Co. which is pretty exciting. My nights are going to be insane now with both rehearsals for those and rehearsals for the play on top of my schoolwork and classes and I'm afraid my social life is going to have to take a backseat for awhile because I can't keep up with everything without totally exhausting myself. I am tired now during almost every moment of the day and this means no more 2AM nights and also getting myself to bed on time- before 12.

Nothing else has been going on in my life. Classes are going good. Life is rolling along its track as it usually does every once and a while hitting a bump, but nothing I haven't been able to overcome. And I'm sorry I haven't had any creative posts in awhile. I've been being drained of creative energy with everything else I've been doing.

I did eat some ice cream tonight that is making me really sick. Damn you lactose and damn my intolerance!