Sunday, March 27, 2005

Spring Break Recap

Yay! So Spring Break is officially over as I am typing this entry in the familiar setting of my dorm room.

I had a good break, relaxing. Sad I didn't get to see any of my high school friends, but it's OK because I know there will be other times to see them. The first week I spent getting over the sinus infection and watching Wonderfalls, Roswell, and Arrested Development all on DVD. I discovered Nip/Tuck and fell in love with that show. Last Friday was "Mom and Me Day" where me mum took the day off from work and spent it with me, which was tres cool. Then on Sat. we saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, which was good. A bit disappointing as I was expecting a lot more than I got, but it was still Broadway, and still a good experience.

Then this past week I watched the 5 Star Wars movies and all the accompanying bonus features in a matter of 2 days because, well I had nothing better to do. And I unleashed the inner Star Wars geek once more. I have to say that must be my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Then on Wednesday I headed back here to school on a commuting basis for rehearsals for "Forum." The show is coming along mightily well and I think we're 87% ready to go up. The other 13% will come within the next couple of days.

But I made a couple of new friends and hung out with them and it was cool. And I feel the cast has gotten a lot closer and that's not a bad thing one single bit.

And tommorow classes start up again which I AM NOT looking forward to, and I have to do a dance for Exp. Perf. We'll just see how that goes.

I'm also considering getting rid of this blog and switching over to LiveJournal where I can post private posts and such so that certain people don't read certain things. So if you want the address for that just IM me and I'll give it to you. (Mom and Dad that includes you because I know you read this!)

And come see me in Forum, this Thurs. through Saturday at 8PM in the theater and a matinee at 2PM on Sat. Tickets are free so all the more reason to come!

Monday, March 14, 2005

All better

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I am all better and all smiles! My nose is unstuffed, my throat is pain-free and my eyes are white. Thank you Mr. Antibiotics, you are my hero. Now, I'm still going to be drugged up for the next two weeks just to make sure the infection is gone, but all visible signs of the infection have cleared up and I am no longer experiencing extreme discomfort with living.

I've spent the last couple days just lying around. Watching "Wonderfalls" on DVD (which is amazing show cancelled too soon!) and TLC. Trading Spaces has quickly become one of my favorite shows. And I'm now on a first name basis with all the designers and carpenters. Especially Carter. Well that's because I'm not really sure on how to pronounce his last name. But that show just makes me smile and laugh and it is a real joy to watch.

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Alright time for some 90210 reruns on SoapNet. Huzzah!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Spring Break (WOOt!)

Yeah Spring Break! Woot! You know, the time to run off to Cacun, act nuts, get drunk 24/7, maybe even score a couple minutes on the next Girls (or Guys) Gone Wild - Spring Break 2005 Edition.

I used to remember watching Spreak Break Week on MTV back in middle school and thinking it would be so cool to be in college and go down to Cancun or Mexico for a week and be all nuts. I used to think it was like something every college kid did. I was always worried about it though because frankly I didn't look like this:
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Or this for that matter:
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But, boy, oh, boy I was wrong. I was very very wrong. Not only am I not going to Cancun for Spring Break (nor do I want to) but I am staying right here in the ole' Pitts trying to get over my MAJOR SINUS INFECTION.

Yes that's right. The "Pink Eye" I had was not just "Pink Eye." Oh no, it was one piece of a MEGA sinus infection that has invaded my face and chest. As soon as I stepped into doorway of my home I was whisked away to the doctor's office to receive some anti-biotics to treat my eye. But upon closer inspection the doc lady found out that my pink eye was just a side effect of a sinus infection that started in my nose, spilled into my eyes, throat, ears and heading toward my lungs. Yay.

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A sinus infection. Yum.

So now I'm going to be loaded up on drugs for the next two weeks, just in time for me to go back to school. Yipee. Spring break really has turned out to be everything I thought it wouldn't be. So I'm here. Updates are going to be whenever I can access the computer because I plan on laying in bed watching some TV shows on DVD for the next week and a half (the other half will be me rehearsing for the show back at school.)

Happy Spring Break everybody!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Eye

When I was younger, let's say 10 years old, I remember waking up in the middle of the night unable to see. Scared, I cried out for my mom or dad to "Help me! I've gone blind!" Scared, they ran into my room to see what the fuss was all about and if I had somehow purged my eyes out during the night in an Oedipus-like rage.

Thankfully I hadn't. It was just a case of pink eye.

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This is not me.

Pink eye, according to some website, is also called *takes out mega-phone* CONJUNCTIVITIS *puts mega-phone away.* Apparently I have *takes out mega-phone again* BACTERIAL CONJUNCTIVITS *puts it away again.* There is no cure. I have to let it run its course and leak disgusting crusty shit out of my eye sockets and force me to look stoned all day long. Now I had known there was a pink eye epidemic going around this school, but just as with any other disease or burglary, you never think it will happen to you- UNTIL IT DOES. I haven't had pink eye since the time I woke up and thought I was blind. That was the last time ever.

Whoever the bastard is who gave me this disease, I will hunt you down and kill you. And whoever the bastard is who brought the disease you MCLA, I will hunt you down and pluck out your eyes so you can never give this disease TO THE REST OF THE FUCKIN CAMPUS EVER AGAIN.

< /steps down from soap box >

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Besides classes getting cancelled today (huzzah!) and Heather letting me borrrow The Little Mermaid (best cousin ever!) I just found out that Lena Olin will be coming back to Alias this May! I realize this may not mean anything to most of you, however I peed my pants when I found out. And that's that.

Feeling restricted

I am feeling somewhat restricted by this blog now. Like I can't say certain things anymore because I might offend someone who reads this. Blah.

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Story Of Lyle The Goat

There once was a little goat named Lyle. He was a very nice, handsome goat who had lots of goat-friends at goat-school. One day, while in class at goat-school he met this person name Lousia. Louisa was a very nice goat and he liked her a lot. He thought she was one of the nicest goats in the school! They quickly became goat-friends, which is a lot different from being human friends. When they graduated from the 3rd Grade, and moved up to 4th grade, they were happy to see they were both in the same goat-class again! They would goat-play all recess and have lots of fun with each other. Then one day, Louisa disappeared. Lyle was sad that he lost his best goat-friend. So he found other goat-friends to play with but none of them were like Louisa. They had history. After all, they were in the same 3rd Grade class too! One cloudy and rainy day, Louisa came back. Lyle saw Louisa and goat-ran up to her and tried to goat-greet her However, Louisa wanted nothing of it. Lyle was shocked. Louisa told him to "GOAT-AWAY!" And Lyle shrinked away from Louisa. He was saddened by the fact Louisa had changed. She was not the same goat that he had met way back in the 3rd Grade. Something had happened to Louisa that made her a real goat-bitch. Lyle decided that it would be better for him to stay away from Louisa because she was such a mean-goat now. And that was the end of Lyle and Lousia's goat-ship.

EDIT: I forgot to mention Lyle now HATES Louisa passionatley.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My true love

If it were possible for me to marry a television, I would marry The Amazing Race because I love that show so much.