Monday, March 14, 2005

All better

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I am all better and all smiles! My nose is unstuffed, my throat is pain-free and my eyes are white. Thank you Mr. Antibiotics, you are my hero. Now, I'm still going to be drugged up for the next two weeks just to make sure the infection is gone, but all visible signs of the infection have cleared up and I am no longer experiencing extreme discomfort with living.

I've spent the last couple days just lying around. Watching "Wonderfalls" on DVD (which is amazing show cancelled too soon!) and TLC. Trading Spaces has quickly become one of my favorite shows. And I'm now on a first name basis with all the designers and carpenters. Especially Carter. Well that's because I'm not really sure on how to pronounce his last name. But that show just makes me smile and laugh and it is a real joy to watch.

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Alright time for some 90210 reruns on SoapNet. Huzzah!


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