Friday, March 11, 2005

Spring Break (WOOt!)

Yeah Spring Break! Woot! You know, the time to run off to Cacun, act nuts, get drunk 24/7, maybe even score a couple minutes on the next Girls (or Guys) Gone Wild - Spring Break 2005 Edition.

I used to remember watching Spreak Break Week on MTV back in middle school and thinking it would be so cool to be in college and go down to Cancun or Mexico for a week and be all nuts. I used to think it was like something every college kid did. I was always worried about it though because frankly I didn't look like this:
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Or this for that matter:
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But, boy, oh, boy I was wrong. I was very very wrong. Not only am I not going to Cancun for Spring Break (nor do I want to) but I am staying right here in the ole' Pitts trying to get over my MAJOR SINUS INFECTION.

Yes that's right. The "Pink Eye" I had was not just "Pink Eye." Oh no, it was one piece of a MEGA sinus infection that has invaded my face and chest. As soon as I stepped into doorway of my home I was whisked away to the doctor's office to receive some anti-biotics to treat my eye. But upon closer inspection the doc lady found out that my pink eye was just a side effect of a sinus infection that started in my nose, spilled into my eyes, throat, ears and heading toward my lungs. Yay.

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A sinus infection. Yum.

So now I'm going to be loaded up on drugs for the next two weeks, just in time for me to go back to school. Yipee. Spring break really has turned out to be everything I thought it wouldn't be. So I'm here. Updates are going to be whenever I can access the computer because I plan on laying in bed watching some TV shows on DVD for the next week and a half (the other half will be me rehearsing for the show back at school.)

Happy Spring Break everybody!


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