Friday, March 04, 2005

The Story Of Lyle The Goat

There once was a little goat named Lyle. He was a very nice, handsome goat who had lots of goat-friends at goat-school. One day, while in class at goat-school he met this person name Lousia. Louisa was a very nice goat and he liked her a lot. He thought she was one of the nicest goats in the school! They quickly became goat-friends, which is a lot different from being human friends. When they graduated from the 3rd Grade, and moved up to 4th grade, they were happy to see they were both in the same goat-class again! They would goat-play all recess and have lots of fun with each other. Then one day, Louisa disappeared. Lyle was sad that he lost his best goat-friend. So he found other goat-friends to play with but none of them were like Louisa. They had history. After all, they were in the same 3rd Grade class too! One cloudy and rainy day, Louisa came back. Lyle saw Louisa and goat-ran up to her and tried to goat-greet her However, Louisa wanted nothing of it. Lyle was shocked. Louisa told him to "GOAT-AWAY!" And Lyle shrinked away from Louisa. He was saddened by the fact Louisa had changed. She was not the same goat that he had met way back in the 3rd Grade. Something had happened to Louisa that made her a real goat-bitch. Lyle decided that it would be better for him to stay away from Louisa because she was such a mean-goat now. And that was the end of Lyle and Lousia's goat-ship.

EDIT: I forgot to mention Lyle now HATES Louisa passionatley.


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i LOVE pat!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! :)

March 7, 2005 at 3:34 AM  

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