Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Post 2

Yay! Today I saw Harry Potter 3. I'm finally catching up on all the movies I've been wanting to see. I never got to see Troy, or The Day After Tommorow, but they'll be on DVD eventually. As I said I did see Harry Potter today, and I saw Shrek 2 (finally!) yesterday. Shrek 2 was soooo funnny! I laughed hysterically throughout it. It really was good. And Harry Potter was good too. I'd have to say it is probably my favorite of the three movies, I loved the dark, adult edge to it this time. The only thing that bothered me was that the new director changed Hogwarts around! I mean, it isn't a horrible thing, but it kind of bothered me Hagrid's cabin was in a different place and the scenery around the castle was different. It's still OK though. It was a very good movie. Now all I have to see is The Stepford Wives, Dodgeball, and Farenheit 9/11 (coming out Friday- love Michael Moore!). However, unless I see three movies on Sunday (the only day I'm home for the next two weeks) I won't see them until I get back or until they're out on DVD. Oh well.


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