Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Post 11

You know- I've found that lately I've been doing this thing where I start a story, realize I didn't set up the story- set it up in the middle of the story- and then continue with the story I started with. Make sense?

So yeah- the job has begun to get better. Day by day the fun increases. It's not a bad job at all. Still a little boring- especially during the hour and half lunch breaks when I bring my lunch and it takes me 10 minutes to eat and I have 80 more minutes with nothing to do.

I'm watching Sex and the City right now. I love this show. It's so great! And so funny. It's my new favorite old show.

I just realized I'm way too tired to try typing out thoughts that make sense. And I already posted today. So I'm going to stop.





Blogger Liraea said...

Heyy...I havent read your blog yet cause my puter went freaky and thought I was a little kid and thought this site was porn, so basically Ptrick, you are a whore according to aol. congrats!
(i still think i am such a Rosalinde)

July 16, 2004 at 12:13 AM  

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