Thursday, July 22, 2004

Post 17 I've been working extremely long days now. 9 to 9. Grrr. Tommorow I don't go in until one though- so it's all good. I've been wanting to email the DARTS staff, I just have had NO time at all. But we only have two more days of rehersal, and then 4 performances next week and then my opera job is all over! Yay!

I got an email from Lluc today, my little buddy from the first week of camp. You know, if I had to pick one favorite kid who I miss it would be him. And he's in Spain now, so I probably will never see the kid again. Sigh.

I really don't have much to talk to about. I gotta go watch my tape of Big Brother 5 and The Simple Life. I'll write tommorow morning when I have time and can formulate thoughts.

Good night.


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