Friday, July 23, 2004

Post 18

So, on the 22 minute ride home for work (such a waste of gas) I thought to myself- what am I going to tell my friends tonight? I've had such a boring couple of days- nothing interesting has happened and I promised I would write something today. But I had nothing...

Then I got home.

I turned up Tyler Street Ext. (Pittsfield people- the one that runs next to GE on my side) and there is an accident up the hill with a car folded in on the front. Cops, fire trucks, ambulence, the whole nine yards. The street is blocked so I go around the long way. Turning down my street, I see my whole family and most others out on their lawns talking. I pull up ask what's going on and find out the car hit the telephone pole and blew out all the power on our street and the one next to us. OK. How long until we get it back? A few hours. (This was at 7:30.) OK. What else? Look up on the side of the house. So I do. And apparently, our surge breaker broke. Exploded. All over the side of our house. Well, not all over, but in the top corner. Our siding is burned. Great. Lovely. So how long until we get our power back? We don't know. Fantastic. And I was planning on watching Jeopardy tonight. (I got out early- yay!) So the firemen show up, inspect our house, make sure it won't catch fire. Everything's good! Yay! Meanwhile, we wait in the dark until 9:45 when the power comes back on. Hoorah! Did we lose anything? Check the computer. OK. Check the TVs in your rooms. OK. The fridge? OK. Everything's OK. Uh...Shaun (my brother) did you unplug the TV? Uh, no. Fantastic. So, in our new-just-bought Entertainment Center we lost everything. TV, VCR, DVD, Stereo. Yay!

Thank god I have all four of my own in my room.

So, that's what happened to me tonight.


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