Friday, July 30, 2004

Post 22

I just spent 20 minutes pefecting my hair. And I still don't like it. I'm going out to the opera tonight (another one.) I don't like operas, but we had free tickets. So my mom, my grandmother, and myself are making a night for ourselves by going to eat at Applebee's and then off to the opera. Real classy. But we'e already decided if it sucks (it's in German- and I don't know German) we're going to be leaving as soon as we can.

OH YEAH- Jen- if you read this, call me tommorow at some point. I left a message on your machine at home. But I wanted to see The Village and wondered if you would go with me at some point this weekend. If not, I'll go see it by myself like that guy I saw when I went to Spiderman 2. Scroll down and read the old posts if you don't know what I mean.

Off to the opera!


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