Sunday, July 11, 2004

Post 8

Alright, I start my job at the opera tommorow. Yay! If you could hear the way I would speak what I just wrote you would note the sarcasm. I couldn't be less unexcited. I don't really enjoy operas, I don't hate them- I'm just not interested. So it should be fun. Hey, it's a short day (I think). I go in at 11:00 which isn't bad. Don't know what time I stay there until though...

Anyways- Jen- I went to Video Studio 12 today because you said you would be working there and Tony said you didn't come in until 4:00! I bought Monster anyways. I love that movie. Charlize Theron is incredible in it! She's just so in the character and the moment when the play "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey (one of my all time favorite songs) and Charlize and Christina Ricci kiss I cry. It's just so beautiful! And gosh- Charlize is gorgeous ain't she. I mean- not so much in the movies- but in real life.

So yeah, I said I would talk about DARTS some. It was a fun week. I miss all my CITs (well, at least 4 of you.) It's gonna be weird not seeing you guys anymore. It's amazing how we all bonded though- and so quickly- I felt like we were all good friends from the start. I even felt like that for Michel, then it got worse. Alright, for those who don't know Michel was the other male CIT. At orientation, I liked him, we got along great. Then the first week of camp, he got a little on my nerves and I disliked him at some points, but overall it wasn't bad. However, the second week I couldn't wait until I didn't see him anymore. I hope he doesn't read this. But if he does- he'll know how I really feel. It's not like he likes me that much anyways. I was really mean to him. Made fun of him all the time told him how stupid he was to his face. Stuff like that. But I loved the rest of you. All of you.

And one more thing- tonight my dad took me out driving in the standard (I have to learn because he's going camping and the only car I can drive is the standard- AHHH!) So I went to the GE parking lot near my house and these two guys pull up in this black SUV and stopped in front of the car. They took out their badges and were dressed in military uniforms and they were like- "You need to leave. This is private property." Now they wanted to escort us out, and I was behind the wheel- I don't know how to drive a standard- so I stalled like five times as they tried escorting us out of the parking lot. I was so embarrassed. I hate the military.


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