Wednesday, August 25, 2004


*In a baby voice* Boo hoo. Today I went to da doctors and had to get a shot for meningitis (would a baby be able to pronounce that?). Now I have a boo boo on my arm.

Actually, I was inkwedibily- oh sorry - *stops talking in baby voice*. I was incredibly nervous to get it, and I dont know why. I've never been afraid to get a shot before, even when I was little. But I was waiting for like ten minutes in the waiting room and I felt like my stomach was eating itself I was so nervous. It was the anticipation that killed me: "I haven't gotten a shot in so long, will it hurt?" "How much will it hurt?" "How big will the needle be?" "Will my arm hurt afterwards?" "Am I going to get sick from sitting in this pediatric waiting room where sick little kids probably drooled all over the chair I'm sitting in?"

Well- No. Not much. Small. Not yet. And we'll see.


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