Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bathrooms in college are so gross...

...especially when you share them with 7 other guys. Gross. I hate using them. And our shower only has two plastic curtains between your naked body and the rest of the bathroom.

Anywho, I'm doing much better now. I was just feeling a lot of emotions last Sunday night (or Monday morning, depends) and they needed to come out. But I'm much better now. I've made some wicked cool friends (Lauren, Alex, Jen, Courtney, Auri) and have been hanging out with people every night since Sunday.

And I went to my first class this morning and it was nice. The teacher, Prof. Birch, is from England and he's wicked funny and cool. I think I'll enjoy that class but it seems like a lot of work. But it's all good. I really am having a good time and all that. As a matter of fact I'm going downstairs now to hang out with Lauren and Krista so I'll give you more updates later.


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