Thursday, October 14, 2004

Don't wanna be all by myself...anymore

God it's just been one of those days. Those days you want to be done and they keep going. I feel like all I've done today is pretended. I've been faking my way through the day. So when I got the chance to break on through to the other side and be honest, I was brutal. In chorus today, I realized my teacher has some sort of fetish with calling me Jeff. I don't know what her problem is. What she was doing was breaking the chorus up into four groups. Picking one at a time. And someone said "Haha! It's like kickball!" And I actually thought to myself "Well, thank God that I won't be picked last like I usually was when we used to play!" Guess what? I was picked last. And when it came to be my turn she looked right at me, titled her head approx. 20˚ to the left and proceeded to say "Jeff, you come over here." So I sat there and pretended like I didn't hear anything. Now she has repeatedly called me Jeff throughout this last month in her class and everytime I correct her and say "No, Miss Lady (I didn't say that actually but for typing purposes I don't know her real name either so I'm calling her Miss Lady). No Miss Lady, my name is Patrick. Not Jeff." But I wasn't going to do that this time. So I said as rudely as I could, "I'm not moving until you call me by my real name." She had to look it up.

Oh I was so embarassed. And pissed. So after that long grueling class I abhor, I went marching up to the 2nd floor to find out everybody was gone! Argh! That is the most frustrating feeling when you've got nobody. Nothing. Nobody was on the second floor. Except the mutant and she's a bitch. So I came up to my room and do what I do when I feel rejected and alone. Blast Celine Dion's "All By Myself."


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