Saturday, October 16, 2004

In a state of death

Right now I am so tired it is actually not funny. Not one bit. My eyes feel so heavy and my joints ache and my head hurts and I had nothing to drink or anything last night. There was a dance in the Campus Center that I got the nerve to go, I mean, hey maybe I could meet someone, you know, be a part of a social situation, and maybe have a little fun. After seven never ending minutes I left with Carri. For being a fairly social person when it comes to meeting people I hate social situations. I hate parties, dances, everything. I always feel so uncomfortable and it's not because I don't want to dance in front of people. I just feel like when I'm somwhere with a bunch of other people I feel like I want to crawl into the corner and die. And I don't know why. I guess it's another region of the world of Pat I have yet to explore. But when we got back to the room, Carri and I had fun looking at silly pictures in our yearbook. Then we watched most of Monster's Ball the movie that Halle Berry won the Oscar for and it brought me right back down to the ground. And I've been apathetic since. Well, minus the fun we had in Emily and Thea's room with the Mutant. I need to go to sleep RIGHT NOW!


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