Monday, October 18, 2004

The Story of The Missing Sock

When I was in or around 4th grade I had an assignment to write a storybook about anything we wanted. I remember it well. My story was called “The Missing Sock.” It was about a pair of socks and one of them is lost in the laundry. The sock who was left was very alone and tried pairing up with other socks but it wasn’t the same. He wanted his best friend back. But because he was without a partner, he was discarded in the drawer. Then one day, he finds himself being pulled out and there is his old partner, fresh from being found and washed and the two lived happily together forever. You may be thinking what the hell does this have to do with anything? Well tonight when I was folding my freshly washed laundry, I found a sock without a mate. And all of a sudden, this story came running out from a crack in the floorboard of my brain. I was so sad I wasn’t going to find this sock’s other sock. I mean, what would happen if his partner in socking went missing or was stolen and used by someone else! Gross! So as quickly as I could I ran down to the laundry room and searched for the sock in the washer and dryer I might’ve left it in. Nothing. But as I was walking out, for some reason I turned around and there is was lying underneath the sorting table. I jumped for joy and peed a little, then grabbed the sock and ran upstairs to tell everyone. I was so happy the sock was found. Sure it was dirty, but when I do laundry next week, the socks will be reunited. Which makes me smile.

I have been feeling really like...I don’t know...unwanted lately. I’ve always had this sense that sometimes people have too much “Pat” kind of like overexposure for a celebrity. Like they get tired of “Pat” and get annoyed and want him to leave whenever he shows up. I’m referring to myself in the third person, yes, but damnit it’s my prerogative so shut up and let me do it. So I’ve been trying to distance myself from people. Except then I get lonely. Damnit all why can’t I just not over-analyze everything. I think way to much about things and make them into situations they’re not. But I don’t know for sure if they’re not. Either way, I’m feeling really unwanted and not cared about right now. I hope I get over this soon.


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