Thursday, October 28, 2004

Update: Mental Health 10/28/2004

I'm doing OK. For those of you who read the post below and talked to me today, thanks you helped a lot. I'm doing good. Sarah actually made me feel ten times better for something she probably didn't even know affected me that much. Sometimes the simplest thing someone says just brightens up a person's day and makes the problems go away. I know the karma angel will bless her someday. She also gets my HOLLA award of the (insert desired time period here.) Tommorow all are leaving to go to their designated places to go to. I'm staying here. Which isn't such a bad thing. And then I'm proceeding home on Saturday afternoon, just to catch up with the folks and do laundry (tee hee of which I haven't done in two weeks- talk about scraping the bottom of my closet for clothes!) But I'm doing good as of now. Watched some TV tonight. Just chilled and vegged- something totally new and different! Right?


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