Monday, November 08, 2004

The Busiest Day of My Life

Right now I am on a very much needed break from what may be the busiest day of my life. I didn't stop my make myself have this break I very well could die of a heart attack right now. Not that you care, but I'll give you an approx. rundown of my day. Note the 10:30- 12:00 period- I nearly passed out during this time.

8:15 Wake up to a screeching alarm
9:00 First class
10:00 End of first class. Run up to room to take a shower, someone is in there, prepare for meeting with advisor
10:20 Leave the Towers for the 2nd time this morning to my advisor appt.
10:30 Advisor appointment
10:50 Done with advisor, walk to library to wait for Sarah
11:02 Sarah gets to library, I tell her I forgot my program, run back to Towers
11:10 Leave Towers again - Number 3 now
11:13 Arrive at library, being photcopying program for the performance for the Fine Arts Seminar class in 45 minutes
11:29 Leave library, run BACK to the towers
11:34 Jump in shower
11:38 Get out of shower
11:45 Leave Towers for the 4th time.
11:50 Arrive at Church St. Center and begin to set up the stage
12:00 Setting up stage still
12:15 Begin performance
12:35 Leave class, walk to lunch
12:45 Get lunch
12:50 Enter the Towers for the 5th time in five hours.
12:55 Sit down to eat lunch and take a break.

And it's 1:15 now and I'm getting that all too familiar sick feeling in my stomach from that friggin' cafeteria shit food. Ughhhh...curse you weak stomach of mine. CURSE YOU!

Now I have to do my art homework, math homework, and go to math class at 3:30, then eat and go to One Act Auditions tonight.


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