Monday, November 15, 2004

Courtesy and the rules that follow it

Angry post coming wary:

Some people have no consideration of others. For instance, I remember when I was younger and one of my bratty little neighbors would ask my little brother to borrow one of his toy guns and play with it. Within an hour, the gun would be broken leaving my brother with a broken toy gun and no apology. I always hated when those kids would do that. They had no respect for other's property or consideration to other's feeling. They also lacked remorse. I was rasied by parents who taught me respect for others and their personal space and property. Some parents apparently did not read this chapter of the parenting handbook because their children lack courtesy for others. This is seen with my last roomate, as an example. No respect for me or my things, or my feelings for that matter. I also see this missing manner in many others including people WHO PLAY THEIR TV EXTREMELY LOUD ALL THE TIME AND IT MAKES OTHER PEOPLE VERY VERY UPSET WHEN THEY DO THIS! I always ALWAYS make sure my TV is at a reasonable volume, not too loud to drown out someone else's or to wake them up from a sleep. APPARENTLY SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T CARE AND THAT IS NOT FAIR!


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