Saturday, November 27, 2004

Home vs. School

I love home. I love being here and I love having a home that loves to have me here. But last night, I couldn't stand it. It was 11:00 and everybody was in bed. I'm usually just starting at that hour in school! Plus my tooth hurts for no apparent reason other than to piss me off and my nose has been stuffed for three days because I'm allergic to my goddamn dog, who I love, but don't love her dander. And my room here is a pigsty and that is stressing me out. I'm tempted to just have a big holiday giveaway to the poor and donate all my old stuff I don't need anymore! I love my family, I love seeing them, it's just the house itself pisses me off.

But today, we did one of my favorite traditions, our Annual After-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Season-Hoo-Hah. It's where we take our boxes and boxes (dusty boxes, no less- my nose is dripping with snot now) of Christmas stuff and throw the insides all over the house. I play my 4.2 hours of Christmas music on the iPod. And we set up our tree and it's looks plain lovely. I love Christmas!



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