Sunday, November 14, 2004

I have officially been invaded... the Christmas spirit. I am now ready for snow. I am ready for the shopping. I am ready for the tree. My hard drive is filled with more than fifty Christmas songs ranging from The Muppets to Destiny's Child. Oh sure, we still have Thanksgiving, but today I went with the family on our semi-annual trip to the Yankee Candle Company MEGAstore/headquarters in Deerfield where the word "CHRISTMAS" is thrown at you, slaps you across the face, knocks you to the ground, and kicks you until you are sure to leave with a smile and the Christmas spirit in your heart. I may not be ready to hang up the decorations yet, or have constant Christmas music coming from my speakers, but I am ready for the holidays to start and I feel the excitement that comes around this time of the year start to bubble's indigestion. Wait...oh ok...there it is.


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