Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My uber exciting afternoon and long night...

Yes I know this will show up Tuesday's post, but it really is meant to be on Monday's posts. The rest of my day went well. Not as busy as the first half, but equally as stressful. After doing what I thought was my math homework (turns out I did the wrong ones!) I went to math class where I periodcally drifted off into La La Land. I did try to pay attention, I really did. And I did for about the first 20 minutes of the class...and then for some strange reason, the force of gravity was tugging on my eyelids, and I caved under the pressure. Then I woke to people exclaiming- "It's snowing!" And that amused me for a minute or two. Then the doodling kicked in. And then I remembered a memory from like way back in third grade....

*Cue the dream music and clouds* In Pittsfield, we had a local station (we are now up to three, but this was way back when there was only one) and I was part of the Boy Scouts and for a meeting one night we took a tour of the station. I was so amazed by the whole place. Then they said "Anybody can make a TV show if they want to. Just come up with an idea and talk to us about it." So right when I got home I thought of a great idea for a game show on TV with kids and I planned the whole thing out, designed the sets, wrote up questions. I was obsessed with this idea that me, little me, Patrick, could make a TV show! It was to be called "Think About It." I even wrote a letter to the station about my idea, in hopes it would come true. Alas, the letter never made it to the post office, or my mail box for that matter. The obsession soon faded away....*end fog*

Well that was a tangent and a half. It was a random memory yes, but I feel it's better to write them down in, so in a year, I'll look back and say- "Oh yeah I remember when I remembered that!"

After class and dinner I went to the "One Act Auditions" for FOUR hours and feel pretty confident I'm cast in at least something. I'll find out tommorow after class and probably post an either "SUPER HAPPY!" or "i figured i wouldn't be cast in anything. my audition sucked." posts.

And as I sit here picking my nose, I bid you "Adieu. Goodnight...Amen?"


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