Friday, November 05, 2004

The Mysterious Phone Calls and the Return of Detective Poopie Pants

*Sets the mood: Everything is in black and white. We're in a dorm room on the 4th Floor of Berkshire Towers. Detective Poopie Pants sits at his desk typing on his blog. Lightning flashes.*

November 5th. 2004. Friday Morning. 11:00AM.

Last night, at about 1:45AM, the phone rang. I didn't pick it up. But was it- who was it that called me at such an unusual hour. If it was YOU (*stares at you through the computer screen*) please tell me. I intend to KICK YOUR ASS! But no, seriously. Who was it that would call at such an ungodly hour? Who I ask? WHOOOO?

Let's look at the facts. 1:45 in the morning. It could've been a call for me. Or for my roomate. Strangely enough, I received a call last week on Friday morning at 3:45 in the morning from a mysterious person who called themself "Captain" and proceeded to ask for my roomate. When I told my roomate Captain wanted him, (Pause)....(Giggle.)....on the phone, silly, my roomate springs out of a deep sleep and runs to the phone as if it were a matter of life or death. Was it "Captain" again? And who is the "Captain?" And why does he call at such random times WHEN PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET SOME GODDAMN SLEEP?!?!

If anyone has any information on this "Captain" or who it is who calls my room, tell me. Detective Poopy Pants, your neighborhood Berkshire Towers Mystery Detective.


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