Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I haven't updated in like over a day. Truthfully, life right now has lost its zest (haha Zest is a brand of soap.) I gave presentation in Self and Society this morning and I said penis a bunch of times and VAGINA once (don't know why I always capitalize VAGINA- but I always do.) It was a presentation on sex, Sex and the City, and Freud. I actually got an A (pats on the back.) I got up there and I told the class "I'm just gonna put this all out here. So if you get offended by what I say, too bad." And I think the professor liked my honesty. Hell, I'm just happy I got an A. I was talking with Sarah last night and through our random conversation she said it would be funny if I just got up and screamed "CLITORIS," bowed and sat back down.

I also had rehearsal last night again for the One Act. I think it's gonna be a wicked good show, I just have to work on memorizing all my goddamn lines, which there are a hell of a lot of and they're LONG lines too.

Also, I've been playing Kelly Clarkson's new song, ""Since You've Been Gone" on repeat for like a day now. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite songs, and one of my most hated. I think I need to take it off repeat before it dies.

God this post sucks. Nothing witty or anything. I'll post a better, moren comprehensive post later today to make up for the suckiness of this one. Off to watch The Golden Girls!


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