Thursday, November 18, 2004

Yes! I made it!

It's still Thursday. Sure, Friday is only 30 minutes away and I'm going to to be up much later than that, but I am glad to finally make a post in the day it was intended to go in.

Too bad I don't really have anything to talk about. I mean, I wish I had something, cuz this has probably been the slowest, non eventful week for me. I mean, I have been really struggling to make these posts because there really is NOTHING for me to discuss.

First I supose I should explain the "Mockingbird" post I posted. Yeah, I downloaded that song and it's been stuck in my head. It's just so random and funny. It's by James Taylor and Carly Simon. Yeah, it's good.

Also, I went and saw the Dance Company show tonight- excellent job guys! I gasmed (hehe Sarah knows what I mean) quite a few times during the show and I really had a good time. I cannot wait to join the club next year. It's gonna be fun!

And...well I guess that's it. if I think of something profound, I'll post it. But I doubt that's gonna happen.


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