Friday, December 31, 2004

3 for $25

That's right I bought THREE FABULOUS DVDs today at my local Hollywood Video. THREE for $25! What a

So this will be my last post in this year. *Sadness* What a year has it been. I suppose I should've written some sort of recap of the year. Important events that happened to me. But alas I have not. Nor do I have the time to. In the past year I have had several crushes, none of which turned into anything positive. I succeeded gradwise but suffered emotional through the last half of my senior year. I have lost a best friend and gained them back. I left my high school with a bang as I triumphed in "Anything Goes" and got the highest grade possible on my theater final. I graduated from high school, had an amazing once-in-a-lifetime summer where I met some great people in DARTS, grew an appreciation for opera while doing an Assistant Director internship, worked with several Broadway stars with another theater internship. I began my freshman year of college where I have been in two plays and met a slewful of people I know will be my friends for a while.

Overall, 2004 has been a good year for me (it's the optimist in me- I forget the bad times.) I'm excited for the upcoming people...maybe I can finally lose that goddamn weight...probably not. But the next time I will post on this website it will be in 2005. Yippee!

Happy new year!


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