Friday, December 03, 2004

Another Weekly Friday Post

So in 43 minutes, I am leaving on a journey to go proclaim Jesus to the hills of North Adams. No I'm not becoming a missionary, rather I'm singing with a group of students my age (and a wee bit older...some a lot older, Ms. Katie Johnson) tonight in the annual MCLA Choir Recital. We gotsa some Christmas tunes (not any that feature Santa however... :( ) and the 40 minute Vivaldi Gloria. And thus my week of performance kicks off.

A follow up to the Emmanuel post. Today he came into my room and use my printer to have me print out directions. I told him no, because damnit this is the third time he's asked me and I'm sick of it. It started one day when he needed paper towels. I figure, sure I'll give him some. But you know that rule, you do a favor for someone once, you become their go-to man when they need something. Eventually, I gave in to him today after a long lecture basically saying what I just typed about the paper towels and stuff and said "This is the last time." Apparently it was, because the kid is leaving to go to Nigeria! Until the end of January! And after he tells me that, a light bulb goes off "So that's where the accent is from!"

I'm really stressed out about the one act next week. Not only do I have to dress up as a woman (which I absolutley hate doing) but the show is just not tight. I have 3 lines I consistently forget because they come out of left field and we've had only like 10 total rehearsals. I'm feeling super unprepared and I'm worried sick about it. And the pressure to suceed is double because a) it's my first real theatrical performance at MCLA and I'd hate to have a bad one and b) Kate's grade is dependent on us. If we screw up, she gets screwed gradewise. I'm just really stressed out and not enjoying myself and I'm nervous about the drag thing and my lines and blech...

And Frank is driving me insane with the Cabaret rehearsals. Two weeks ago we finished both dances and I've actually been practicing them as we learned them. And then he goes and changes things during the rehearsal and I'm thinking "That's not how it was last week." And I say "We're not doing it this way anymore?" And once and a while he admits he's wrong and goes back to what we did but most of the time it's a "No. We never did it that way." I think he needs to slow down a lot and just remember. It just bugs me. I know who is getting my vote for the musical in the spring, or who I should say is not getting my vote.

So I must finish getting ready for the show. It's going to go well...I hope. And tommorow I invade New York City, center of the universe. I will be sure to recap the day tommorow night.


Christmas Quote #5

"Happy Birthday!" - From Frosty the Snowman (which is on TV tonight!)


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