Friday, December 10, 2004

Exhaustion, must you continuously rape me?

I have just awoken from a three hour nap. In a few minutes, I intend to lay back down and continue sleeping, hopefully for the rest of the night. My body is just so goddamn tired. After our three hour rehearsal this afternoon, I just felt like I wanted to collapse. And then I got back to my room, ready to relax, when I remembered I had two loaves of garlic bread in my freezer that need to be delivered to townhouse 51. So, I took Angel and we went on our "QUEST TO DELIVER GARLIC BREAD!" And God damn those townhouses and how goddamn confusing they are to a goddamn freshman. I never know where the houses are and then when I find them, it's a project to try and find which door I'm supposed to go in. And usually I end up picking the wrong one and making a fool out of myself. Ah well, the garlic bread was eventually delivered and I eventually got back to my room and eventually finished cleaning it and making it OK for other people to see when they come up to see me in the Cabaret tommorow night.

And speaking of the Cabaret- I was so goddamn excited for it before yesterday. And then after our rehearsal, I'm not so much anymore. Sure, sure the show has some great highlights- "Comedy Tonight" was pretty funny, and our dances rocked the house, everything Katie Johnson is in is good (of course ), and "Avenue Q" is sure to get people laughing. But for every highlight, there is at least one lowlight. Whether it may be volume, or articulation, or hell some people just can't sing as well as they think they can- they show has some points where it just drags and all I see is my little brother dying of boredom because I was bored watching the rehearsal- imagine how someone who hates theater is gonna feel. And I'm not criticizing anyone, I guess I just had higher standards for the show which it failed to meet. Oh well. I just do the best I can and I guess that's all that matters.


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