Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mmmmm....Chex Mix...

Oh Chex Mix, oh Chex Mix, why are you so good? As I sit here with a bag of now empty Chex Mix sitting next to me, I sit back and ponder how this Chex Mix has affected my life. Well it sure has filled my stomach. And I am thankful for that. I'm also sure it will add to an eventual weight gain as soon as the calories and carbs and sodium settle where they may in my body. The worst part about Chex Mix is the bottom. It gets all crummy and so I decided I'm gonna tip the bag up to my mouth and lean back so the crumbs will fall in my mouth. However, instead of going in my mouth, it came out too fast and went all over my face, the floor, and the worst- up my nose. Not fun.

By the way, I found my watch today. I partied a little bit. It was in a pile of dirty laundry in my room (which is no longer there as I did laundry for the first time in like two weeks today - zoikes!) I also need to do a major cleaning of the room at some point during these next two days because (yay!) Erika, Larissa, and Krystal (and maybe Mini-B) are coming up to see my show this Saturday which makes me tres excited! I am gonna dance the hell out of that stage! I am really truly super excited about the Cabaret.

One acts are all done as of tonight. They all were pretty good, only one or two I didn't like. But for the most part, they all ruled. Of course, mine was the best (hehehe!) Overall though, it was a good experience and I am so going to do it next year too!

Alright, so I think I'm all set. I'm totally going to bed early tonight. Well, early for me means at least after the 11:30PM episode of The Golden Girls.


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