Monday, December 06, 2004

"Momma...I peed my pants."

Around here, we use the catch phrase "I almost peed myself" to describe something so funny, that you laugh so hard, you are at the point when peeing in your pants is an option. Credit goes to Carri for making this phrase a part of our daily lives, here at good ole Mcla.

Speaking of peeing your pants, I'm having a flashback to nursery school at the Boys and Girls Club back home. I must have been around the age of 4. The year before kindergarten. I remember playing with the sandbox and having a blast when all of a sudden I peed. Right then and there and I remember a huge puddle of pee that I was standing in. And it wasnt't until some kid came over and told the lady that I peed myself for real that I realized I had actually peed myself and then the streams of water started pouring from my eyes. I was so embarassed! And then I was brought to the bathroom (which I still remember- it had wood paneling and a tiny sink and toliet and above the toliet was a shelf with clothes on it for the very same reason as why I was in the bathroom that day.) But I put on these wicked cool "Superman" underwear that made me feel wicked cool and then my momma came and picked me up and brought me home.

I don't think I will ever forget that day. The images still vividly come back to haunt me. Damn that child who told on me! If it weren't for him I would never have been so embarassed! Alas, to get to my point of this post in the first place. I have been a fan of this blog since I found the link to it a couple months ago. It never fails to "make me almost pee myself" (see the story above did have a little bit of relevance to the reason I posted this.) And the story that was posted today was one of the most hilarious things I have ever read. You must follow this link immediatley and check it out.

You Can't Make It Up



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