Thursday, December 16, 2004

My early morning post...

OK, this Mike hogging the bathroom situation has GOT to end. I'm afraid to go in there at all between the hours of 1 and 3 because it's like he owns the damn place. Every morning when I go in to use the bathroom, he comes out of nowhere and molests me with his "How's it going?" questions. Well not any more, pallie! I've got a secret plan that I put into use tonight so that there is no way he can hear me. First, I wait and hear to make sure he is in his room and is done walking in and out of the bathroom like he does often. Then, when I'm sure he's finished, I open my door handle very quietly. Then I don't shut my door all the way, so he doesn't hear any sort of clicking noise. Then I quietly but briskly walk to the bathroom and open the door ever so slightly so I slide right in without the door squeaking. Then I use the toliet, but I don't flush it. Yet, anyways. Then I use the sink, but turn the water on just enough so that it's quiet, but will do the job I need it to do. Then when I'm sure I'm done, I run to the toliet, flush it fast and run out the bathroom to my room. Then I shut my door behind me. That is when I hear his door open and he walks to the bathroom to see if anyone is in there. When he discovers nobody is in there, he slumps back to his room in defeat as I shake my fist in triumph at a job well done behind my closed door. Yes, these chain of events actually occured tonight. And to prove how much Mike guards the bathroom, right after I got settled down, Nick (my roomie) got up to use the bathroom. He didn't use my plan though and shut the door, not loudly, but loud enough. As soon as the door shut and I heard the bathroom door squeak, Mike's door opened and he followed Nick into the bathroom. It's kind of spooky, isn't it?

So as I sit here and read some people's Live Journals, I wonder why can't I have an interesting life like theirs? I mean they go out and do these crazy things, and have relationships and crushes and such, and honestly- I do and have nothing of the sort. My night was composed of movies and Clue (which I'm not dissing, cuz I totally had a blast- especially beating Courtney!) But I mean these people seem to have so much fun, and I often feel like I'm being left out of this funness they are having. Sure they are having their own style of fun and it's not like mine, but I feel like I want to try their style of fun. I'm probably not making sense. It's after 3 AM now.

But seriously, like I've been thinking. All these theater friends of mine go to the Cabaret cast party, but I didn't go because I knew there would be alchohol there and I'm just not a party person. But it would've been a really great place to socialize and meet people. But I didn't go. Why am I so afraid of alchohol? I used to think it was mature of me to be able to say no, but it's like I'm not the norm when I say that. It seems now like people who are mature drink, and I feel like I'm a little kid who says "No to drugs!" Does it make you more mature to drink? Or am I doing the right thing sticking to what I believe in? But then I question why do I believe in it? What makes me not drink? I just don't know. Perhaps I have this ridiculous fear of my parents finding out and punishing me. Maybe it's because it was instilled in me at such a young age and I've just never challenged the idea "alchohol is bad for you." I sit and see all of my friends do it, but yet I never join them (I admit I've tried it, but only a sip to see what it tasted like.) Or maybe it's because I never drank in high school because I never needed to. I always had a ton of fun with my friends without drinking. We'd just enjoy each other and have fun sober. Sometimes we'd lose all inhibitions and just act drunk and do things people wouldn't do sober, but we did them just as that ( kissing and flashing...remember those good ole days Sara, Jen, Liz, and DeeDee?)

But it feels nice now to have Courtney not drinking because of basketball season. It's funner for me to have someone sober who I can have a conversation with that they will remember in the morning. And I had lots of fun playing Clue with her (especially cuz I beat her four times- FOUR! Hahaha- OK, I'll stop rubbing it in now.) But I enjoy Courtney's company and she's quickly becoming one of my bestest pals here who I pretty much trust (and I'm not one to trust easily.) It's funny because we're so different on so many levels but I have yet to be upset with or irritated by her, which is a very good thing with me. I just find her extremely easy to talk to and fun to be around and she makes me laugh a lot, which is good. And I don't think I'll ever forget one night Courtney told me I was a "good friend" and it's moments like those that truly mean a lot to me and make me feel special and wanted. She's a very good friend to me, too.

I feel my sickness fading away *knock on wood*. I'm coughing up my mucus, which may sound gross, but it's actually healthy cuz it means the stuff it coming out of my system. I've always wondered where all this crap is stored. But now, for some reason, the gum on the right back side of my mouth has swollen up and is bleeding a lot. I don't know what it means, but it hurts like a mother. It can't be a cavity I have sealants on all my teeth. Maybe it's just inflamed gums. I don't know, but I want it to go away. Alright, so it's almost 3:30, and this is a long post, so I'm heading to bed. I'm sleeping in tommorow. Yay for no more classes!


Blogger veggirl14 said...

Awww Puffy Pat Poe! Mike sounds really.....creepy. If you don't want to keep being quiet, I suggest you teach him using the psychological method of "punishment". Every time he opens his door to see if someone is out there, lunge at his face, scream bloody murder, and pelt him with a sharp rock. I dont' know where you're going to get all the sharp rocks, but oh well. Immediately after this, act very calm and ignorant of what just happened, smile, and walk away :) Don't feel so bad about not drinking. It's not terrible. Just because you go somewhere where there's drinking doesn't mean you have to drink. Most people don't care if someone doesn't drink, "More for us!" they used to tell me. Some people would even be like, "Wow, that's admirable, I could never do that", when I said I didn't drink. Besides, like you said, you can have so much fun without drinking. I spent 99/100'ths of high school with drunk friends while I was sober. A lot of times, it was really fun, they didn't care that I didn't drink cuz they knew I was nuts anyways. Anyways, its vacation now, and you can have lots of sober fun with me, Sara, Jen, and Dee Dee!! Hooray!

December 23, 2004 at 1:32 PM  
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