Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Pat asks himself questions and answers them!

Yo yo yo! It's been a few days. So here's a recap:

1) How was Christmas?
It was a very very good Christmas this year, possibly one of the best. I got a tres cool digital camera, of which I will be putting pictures up very soon. I've been playing with it a lot and it is so much fun! I got Kelly Clarkson's new CD which I LOVE! It's been playing nonstop on loop on my iTunes (*iTunes-gasm*) and it's probably one of the best CDs I own. There is not one song on it I don't like. I got a bunch of DVDs and Disney movies (for us Disney freaks at school to watch I know am a proud owner of Mary Poppins, Mulan, AND the Aladdin Special Collector's Edition Box Set- woOt!) I also got season two of one of my favorite TV shows, Roswell, which I will watch as soon as I am done watching Alias before that season premire on the 5th. Yes my life revolves around TV, and even more so now because WE GOT CABLE! Yes, for the first time in nearly ten years our house will be connected to the world of cable television. No more QVC for me, baby! I can finally watch my Golden Gals again! Yippee!

2) So what have you been up to?
Absolutley nothing. I am totally enjoying my time off by well, enjoying not having anything to do. I've been extremely lazy watching nothing my my Alias DVDs (did I mention I'm supser excited for the new season to start?) and just lounging around sleeping. Although last night I hung out with Jen and Liz over Jen's GIGANTIC new house (it's like four times the size of mine.) And I don't think I laughed as hard as I did in a long time. So much that I lost my voice again. "Poo nuggets!" Haha. Ohhhh, fun times.

3) Geez, you're really boring!
Yeah I know. But I've been thinking a lot lately about stuff in general. I haven't been sleeping well and my dreams are all about my subconcious thoughts (I had a dream the other night I lost my keys to get in my dorm room after winter break and was stressing out so much I woke up to find myself out of my bed crawling around the floor looking for my keys which aren't even in my room.) But anyways, I've been thinking about dropping the idea of becoming an actor. It really is what I want to do and it breaks my heart to think that I might not be able to do it. And I don't want a job where I'm not able to support myself, or where I'm scraping along. And I don't have a good enough voice as of right now (well, right now I have no singing voice due to the cold still inhabiting my bones) to make it as a musical theater actor which leaves non singing roles which are a lot less available in the theater which means I could go to L.A. and try movies, but I don't have the body or looks to suceed there so basically I'm stuck. I just don't think I'd be able to suceed as an actor and I want nothing but to do it. But I don't know what I'm going to do. Nothing's in writing yet, and I'm still an FPA major at MCLA, but both of those things could change in the near future.

4) One more thing! How did you do on your report card?
Oh thanks for asking! I actually did very well and my GPA was a 3.8 which is very good and which means I made the Dean's List and if I keep it up I'll be on the Honor's Society next year! Huzzah!

Aight, so I gave you a "Reader's Digest" version of the last couple'a days. My life is pretty boring right as you can see, basically just enjoying vacation. And once I upload all my pics from my camera I'll post the pretty ones here. Yay!


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