Thursday, December 09, 2004

What an awful week...

It's almost the end of the semester, I know and finals are almost here, and New York was a blast, and my performances have been good so far, but this has been one hell of a terrible week and the bad sure seems to outweigh the good.

1) Saturday: I lose my favorite necklace in NYC
2) Sunday: I lose my watch somewhere
3) Monday: I get a B+ on a presentation I worked hard on
4) Tuesday night/Wednesday morning: Fire alarm, couldn't get back to sleep until 4AM
5) Wednesday: Miss my first class due to me setting the alarm for 8PM
6) Thursday: Miss first class due to me not turning the alarm function on
7) Thursday: Wake up to discover I think I have an infection due to a sliver I got in my finger last night

It's just not been a good week. And I'm stressing out over so much and I just want these next two weeks to fly by...but I know they won't. Which really sucks.


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