Wednesday, December 08, 2004


My ear is killing me. I accidentally pushed a Q-tip too far in my ear today and it is killing me right now. That's the Ouchies. Now the Whoo!

So I stormed the stage tonight and kicked it's big black ass! I took the play and I stomped all over it and stood on top of it, a true winner. No seriously, it went very very well. I'm very happy to have that as my first show at Mcla (we say it like mick la here.) The one thing was I started laughing in it because Katie's wig fell off, and well I started laughing. Then she had lipstick all over her face from when I kissed her and I had it on my chin and everytime I'd look at her I'd laugh. I couldn't even get out my lines! But it was soooo much fun. And we were the first show where people actually stood up (I wouldn't call it a standing ovation, because not everybody stood, but a good amount did.) That made me feel extra special even if it was for Tim or Katie.

Two things down, one more to go.

And P.S.- Congrats to Larissa on being accepted. Yay! Next year is gonna rule!


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