Monday, January 24, 2005

Goddamn you, you...headache!

Alright so everyone who knows me has heard me laugh, probably many times. I laugh a lot. I laugh at things that are funny, things that are not funny, and often, things that are only funny to me. But for the past few days whenever I laugh I get one of thse goddamn headaches and they are not putting me in a very happy mood. Which kind of sucks because I generally like being a happy person. As a matter of fact I have one right now. It happened shortly after I ran to the door in Lauren and Carri's room and Lauren decided to open it at the same time. Now, you'd think that would've given me a headache- but no- it didn't. The laughter that insued afterwards gave me a headache. And it was so bad and so painful I came up to my room and have been lying here in a mostly vegetative state for the last two hours. This isn't the first time this has happened either. During a very amusing dinner with Court and Em on Sunday night, I laughed very very hard and what'dya know, I get a pounding headache. Now these headaches don't hurt- they kill me. Like it was painful to lift up my legs and walk back from the cafeteria to here.

And I'm very tired due to the fact that I've been staying up at least until past 3AM for the last three consectutive nights (3AM last night, 4 the night before, 3:30 the night before that.) But I haven't watched my Golden Girls in like a week now and I miss them dearly but I do not know if I will be able to stay awake another half an hour to watch them...oh woe is me!


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