Monday, January 10, 2005

I consider myself a lucky person...

I do. In most instances in my life, things tend to turn to my side, and I blame luck for that. I'm not a religious person and when something good happens to me, I consider it luck rather than a blessing.

So yesterday we took a family trip to the Holyoke Mall. All was well, except for the fact I couldn't find what I wanted to buy on DVD and we had a nice lupper (lunch and dinner) at 99. After that we went to the nice movie theater in West Springfield and saw "The Phantom of the Opera" which, to my suprise, was very very good. All the performances were strong and the movie was beautiful. I got chills quite a few times. If you're a fan of musicals, you'd like this movie. But anyways, how ddid luck play into all of this? Well- after the movie as we're pulling out of the parking lot, I reach into my pocket to discover I can't find my iPod. After pulling over and turning the car lights on, I turned the car inside out trying to find my beloved $300 music player. It was not to be found. Oh great! It could be anywhere. It could be in the mall, I could've dropped it somewhere and someone took it. So after about 10 minutes of pure panic and yelling I decide to go back into the theater to look for it, hoping it would be in there and someone did not take it.

Cue me going up to the customer service desk and asking "I was in The Phantom and I think I left my iPod in there would it be possible to go in there and see if it's there." And the guy snarkily responds, "You didn't leave it in there." "What?" I ask, truly confused. "You didn't leave it in there. You dropped it out here." And he proceeds to open the drawer and pull out my iPod. Amazing. Truly amazing. "Someone found it and returned it. They said they would've kept it but they already had one." Amazing. Truly amazing. Luck. I'm one of the luckiest people. Here I am in West Springfield, in a movie theater and the one person who picks it up already has one and is nice enough to put it in the lost and found. I am one lucky S.O.B.


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