Sunday, January 02, 2005

I need to sleep...

I can't seem to sleep any later than 8 in the morning here at home. I don't know why. I mean, I'm home- I have no reason to get up, yet I always do. Maybe when my brothers go back to school tommorow and I have the house alone I will sleep later.

So as you can see, everything looks a tad different. It's my winter theme! Huzzah! I also have a new picture to the left taken with my handy dandy new digital's actually the first picture taken of me in 2005! Yay for that!

We're going to see Lemony Snicket today which I'm uber excited about because I heart the books. We got the first three books in the series a couple years ago for Christmas so I've been waiting for this movie for a while now. I can't wait.

It definetly seems to be the Vacation for Movies. I'm still not done watching all the DVDs I got for Christmas (counting the TV series I got) but I'm going to amuse myself while everyone is in school by watching all my movies. This weekend we watched "Collateral" which is totally one of my favorite movies ever- a list I must compile at some point- the acting is just incredible. And last night we watched "The Princess Diaries 2", which though not as funny as the first, was still as charming and enjoyable. I love those movies.

Next weekend we're going to Springfield to see The Phantom of the Opera due to the fact the Pitts is not big enough to have the movie open here until late January. I can't wait to see that!

Breakfast time!


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