Friday, January 07, 2005

I'm not 11 anymore...

It's like you know you have those moments when you've just been sitting and all of a sudden, you have this ball of energy that bounces around your body and you just need to expell this energy....anyways, this happened to me this morning. I've been bored and lonely with everybody being at work or school and I just sit on my couch all day watching E! or Vh1. So today I tried to do a somersault to expell this ball of energy. Yeah, I hurt my neck. And I didn't somersault as much as I rolled around on my neck. I'm not as flexible or as nimble as I was when I was 10. I used to love somersaulting. It was my favorite! Do you really think I was THAT pathetic? But it was something I used to do a lot to occupy my precious time at recess in elementary school. And I found it truly disappointing and discouraging I couldn't do a somersault. So I'm adding a new New Year's Resolution to my list of...New Year Resolutions: Somersault at least one time- perfectly without hurting myself.


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