Tuesday, February 15, 2005

As the Valentine's Day buzz wears off...

I think this was probably the first year where I wasn't depressed on Valentine's Day. In the past I have always trudged through the day, dismissing all the love around me as if it didn't exist. I would always be consumed with depression because I never had anybody special to share the day with and it made me sad and wished I had a certain someone.

But not this year. This year, I embraced the holiday, not as far as wearing anything red/pink or heart related, but I gave Valentines to my friends, which made me feel uber special and I think it made some of them feel good too, which is what I was aiming for. And I even wished some people a Happy Valentine's Day, because I figure, no matter how much I protested it in the past, the holiday will always be here and I might as well run with it and have a little bit of fun and excitement.

I didn't even get depressed this year because a) I'm too busy with things to think about it and b) I've accepted that there will be a time when I find that certain someone special and it doesn't bother me that it is not right now or here at school. And when that person comes along, I will have a romantic Valentine's Day, but for now I will spend it with my friends and share my love for them.

I'm such an optimist. :-D


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