Sunday, February 13, 2005

An Extremely Long Saturday followed by a Long Sunday

After rehearsal on Friday night, I left to go home during which I went to bed at around 10:30, because I had to get up at a time I hadn't gotten up at in quite some time: 7:00AM. This was because I was on my way to Boston for a DARTS camp reunion. As I boarded the bus at 8:30 I realize I was the only one on there that I knew, and it was at that point I thought to myself "We're in for a long ride." Actually, I was wrong as we got to Boston in 2 amazingly fast hours. How it was done in 2 hours is beyond me, but I'm not complaining. So we get there an hour early, forcing me to be alone in the city of Boston for an hour. I walked around for a wee bit until they opened the doors to Boston Symphony Hall at which time I made my way up to the nosebleed section in the 2nd balcony (read: 3rd level) and sat there by myself for 45 minutes waiting for other people to arrive. When they did we watched a puppet show featuring an extremely large (and imagine to the small kids in the audience, a fairly terrifying) Don Quixote puppet kind of thing. So after the show I met with other fellow CITs, some DARTie Kids, most of whom I remembered their names. It was over all too briefly, as only an hour later, I was back on the bus heading home. After getting home, I had a home cooked meal (I do tend to miss those here at school) and then I was shipped back to school for a night of fun.

I always enjoy having fun without drinking. It's better I think, because you're going to remember everything the next day and think back to it all fondly. But Carri and I headed out to Delictable Dana and Miss Hug's radio show (you guys should totally call it that!) and after some three hours there headed to Hoosac where we spent the next two hours chatting it up with some Hoosac folk being all Hoosac-y. But I had a pounding headache so I had to leave otherwise I would've died there, and I would've rather died in my own room rather than a foreign Hoosac center lounge.

Cut to me coming back to my room and passing out on my bed, headache still raging. I wake up around 11 this morning feeling sick. Oh great. Great time to get sick Pat, you always know the best times to let your immune system fail! I go to brunch, and soon after I'm heading to a day of dance. After dance, my stomach was rolling and I got really sick for no apparently reason other than my stomach is an asshole to me. I knew I needed the night off because I would've gotten sicker if I had actually gone. So I told Troy I was sick and took a short nap and woke up in time for some Desperate Housewives, got to love that show!

And now, after a long weekend, I'm going to sleep. So goodnight!


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