Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Talking in my sleep

For years now I have been talking in my sleep. It was something I was nervous coming to school about because I'd have a roomate to listen to what I was saying and all, and God knows what and why I say what I do when I sleep.

So last night I didn't sleep too well. I would wake up about every half hour and check the clock, just to see it was like a half hour later. But at about 10:10 I woke up to look at clock (which was set to go off at 10:30) and said to my little half-awake self, "Should I just get up now?" And I chose not to, so I just rolled over and fell back asleep. In the next 20 minutes, the only dream I remember from last night, I had one of those- you're awake, but not really awake dreams and those are usually the dreams I talk in my sleep during. So in that dream, my father decided to come out of the closet (WHAT?) and my mom decided to throw a Release Party for her new CD of jazz standards on Friday night. But then Tim (who was rooming in a single in my hallway) decided he was also throwing a party for his new CD on Friday too. And I had to turn Tim down because, well my Mother is my Mother, and she's important. This all took place in my dorm room, like all these people were in here. Then, I walk out into the hall and Jeremy had strung streamers all over the place for no reason but to annoy people, and I tore them all down in a moment of anger. Then my alarm went off.

I wonder what I said during all of this because when I woke up I had the feeling I was having quite a conversaton with the wall.

(Edit: 12:27 PM)

I also forgot about Katie Johnson who was also in my dream and we had a long discussion over the musical Pippin and whether it was a good show or not. It was a weird dream.


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