Sunday, February 06, 2005

TV Shows on DVD

I must say, whoever the genius is who decided to put TV shows on DVD is...ummm...a genius. I own approx. 3 different TV shows: Alias (the first three seasons- loves it!), Roswell (the first two seasons- loves it a wee bit less than Alias!), and my recently accquired Arrested Development (season one only, but season 2 is still on the air.) And because I am a pathetic loser with no apparent life outside of my dorm room, these shows have become my three new best friends. For the past two nights, which happen to be the first two nights I've had off from any sort of rehearsal in a week, instead of going out or hanging out with friends, I have watched Arrested Development and quietly laughed my little (OK, maybe not little) ass off quietly as so I don't wake my roomate with racous (spelling?) laughter.

Boy oh boy, the joys of TV on DVD do not end there. Not only does it keep me company on lonely night but there is also the AMAZING ::in a loud, booming voice:: "PLAY ALL" feature which lets me not even have to touch the remote as it swiftly glides through the 7 episodes on the first disc, and 8 episodes on the second disc (even though I'm only on the third episode of eight on the second disc and still have the entire third disc to go.)

Oh boy, TV on DVD, you are my best friend. I cannot wait to purchase all the different varities of you. Still on my shopping list: American Dreams (Season One), The Golden Girls (Season One), Freaks and Geeks (The Entire Series), and the next one on my list, Wonderfalls (The Entire Series- an amazing show that I was apparently the only viewer of last year- the whole thing is now out on DVD to be preserved forever!)

...After writing this entry I have only now realized how entirely pathetic my life has become.


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