Friday, February 04, 2005

Volume control and Other Potpourri

So I just came back upstairs from an extremely noisy second floor. Keep in mind, it's 1:00 and there are LOUD drunk people on the floor, music playing, people talking loudly, people bitching at each other, people complaining about bitching, people dancing- it's just loud and I tend to not like loud situations. Thus the reason I am up here typing away on my nifty little computer.

So tonight was absolutley crazy. Besides all the loudness. Lots of drama going on (per usual). Lots of nice things happening. Lots of confusing things happening. And it was probably one of the longest days EVER. My feet hurt from walking so much with such a goddamn heavy backpack because I have 4 straight hours of classes and need to bring like ten books and it kills my back.

And tonight I went to my first play rehearsal which went well. Still haven't blocked my first entrance but everything will come in due time. I'm not going to worry about this show as I did with the Cabaret. I'm gonan sit back and have fun and not stress about anything. Although I often feel out of the group at rehearsals. Like there is a bunch of people who know each other and sit and talk in a group and I am always on the outside of everything. Which is OK, because I don't really know this people. It just sucks to be excluded at times, but it's something I'll get over

I also went to my first Dance Co. rehearsal last night for my pal Sarah's dance number. I'm uber loving the dance already and we only have the first 40 seconds of the song. I play the Devil and I get to corrput Tim which is going to be fun. I'm enjoying that rehearsal and can't wait for more!

Alas, tommorow is to be another hectic- VERY LOOONNNNGGGG day. I have class at 12 and 2 followed by 4 hours of uninterrupted dance rehearsal. I am going to be so sore tommorow night, but I am planning on ordering Chinese food from "We Happy" and that will make the entire past crazy week worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

-who was drunk? no one was drunk to my knowledge.

February 7, 2005 at 7:09 PM  

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