Sunday, March 27, 2005

Spring Break Recap

Yay! So Spring Break is officially over as I am typing this entry in the familiar setting of my dorm room.

I had a good break, relaxing. Sad I didn't get to see any of my high school friends, but it's OK because I know there will be other times to see them. The first week I spent getting over the sinus infection and watching Wonderfalls, Roswell, and Arrested Development all on DVD. I discovered Nip/Tuck and fell in love with that show. Last Friday was "Mom and Me Day" where me mum took the day off from work and spent it with me, which was tres cool. Then on Sat. we saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, which was good. A bit disappointing as I was expecting a lot more than I got, but it was still Broadway, and still a good experience.

Then this past week I watched the 5 Star Wars movies and all the accompanying bonus features in a matter of 2 days because, well I had nothing better to do. And I unleashed the inner Star Wars geek once more. I have to say that must be my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Then on Wednesday I headed back here to school on a commuting basis for rehearsals for "Forum." The show is coming along mightily well and I think we're 87% ready to go up. The other 13% will come within the next couple of days.

But I made a couple of new friends and hung out with them and it was cool. And I feel the cast has gotten a lot closer and that's not a bad thing one single bit.

And tommorow classes start up again which I AM NOT looking forward to, and I have to do a dance for Exp. Perf. We'll just see how that goes.

I'm also considering getting rid of this blog and switching over to LiveJournal where I can post private posts and such so that certain people don't read certain things. So if you want the address for that just IM me and I'll give it to you. (Mom and Dad that includes you because I know you read this!)

And come see me in Forum, this Thurs. through Saturday at 8PM in the theater and a matinee at 2PM on Sat. Tickets are free so all the more reason to come!


Anonymous Erin :) said...

heyy patrick! how'd you show go hunn? I haven't gotten to talk to you in a while ...I hope it went well! :) hopefully I'll talk to you soon! love you hunn!

*DaRtIeS fOr LiFe*

P.S. I stole your away message, but only because I thought it was totally adorable O:) Love you! hehe

April 4, 2005 at 9:56 PM  

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